List Of Top 5 Web Browser

A web browser is a free software application for accessing the information on the worldwide web. Firstly we need to install this software into our system or pc. Here is the list of some famous top 5 web browser. There are so many web browser we mentioned some most popular web browser in this list.

1. Google chrome

Google chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. It is a free web browser. It was developed by Google on 2 September 2008.

It was written in c,c++, JavaScript, java ,python.

Engines: Webkit, Chrome V8, Blink

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox develops by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. It was developed in  is a free web browser

It was written in JavaScript, CSS,c,c++,XUL,XBL.

Engines: Spidermonkey, Gecko.

3. Safari

It is a graphic web browser and it was developed by apple base on the WebKit engine. It was released in 2003.

It was written in c++ and objective-c.

Engines: Webkit and Nitro.

4. Microsoft Edge

It is a free web browser it was developed by Microsoft. It was the first released in 2015 for window 10 and Xbox One.

It was written in c++ and c#.

Engines: EdgeHtml, Chakra.

5. Opera

It is a free web browser for Window, Mac, and Linux operating system.

It was developed in 1995 by Norwegian company Opera Software AS.

It was written in C++.

Engines: Chrome V8, Blink.

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