How to Use USB As a RAM on Your PC

USB also called pen drive. Pen drive or USB are mostly use to transfer data. The good news is that, you can used USB as a RAM to increase your system performance. Sometimes some software required high ram and  your system Ram is less than the requirement. You can used your own USB as a RAM, this is called ReadyBoost. When you increase the RAM your system performance is also increased. If you want to learn this method then read this post and follow the simple steps.

Use USB As a RAM

First of all go to your PC.

Put or insert your pen drive / USB into your PC.

You need to format your USB so first format it and then right-click on the USB and in the end hit or click on properties.

Click on the ReadyBoost and then click on use this device. Adjust the reserve space with the help of mouse or you can write the total number of reserve space in the box and then click on apply.

After few second your USB is ready to work as a RAM to perform your work fastly.

For recover, your USB again click on Don’t use this device.

This method does not affect on your PC but may be you lose your USB. The best method is, upgrade your PC RAM for better performance.

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