How to Upload a Video on Youtube

How to Upload a Video on Youtube

Youtube is the largest video sharing website where millions of people create a channel and upload a video on youtube. You can upload any type of video on youtube such as music, story, how to fix, review and many more niches.

Upload a Video to Youtube

if you want to learn how to upload a video on youtube then follow the following simple and easy instruction.

Firstly, sign in with your Gmail account. It is necessary to you have a Gmail account because youtube is a product of Google, so first create a Gmail account, If you have not any Gmail account.

Go to Youtube and Sign in with Your Gmail account.

After sign in click on the upload button which is located on the upper right side corner on your screen.

Click on the + camera icon and then Select the Upload video to upload your first video on Youtube.

Before uploading the videos on your youtube channel, you need to know the video privacy of your Youtube channel.

Public: If you select public than it means anyone can see your video. Your video show to others in the suggestion features and anyone find it very easily. Your video link can share anyone in public privacy.

Unlisted: If you select unlisted, it means that your video is not showing on youtube search and suggestions but only those person watches who have a link for the unlisted video.

private: If you select the private option then only you can watch your videos and this type of video can’t show in youtube search results.

Schedule: If you select the schedule option then your video appears to the public in the future set date which was set by you on the upload time.

After selecting any one of the privacy, click on Select files to upload and then select the video file from the location, which you want to upload.

You can also use drag and drop options to upload your video on Youtube.

After selecting the video using manual or drag and drop your video uploading processing is started on your Youtube channel. It takes some time depending on your video file sizes, and your internet speed.

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