How to Update WhatsApp to the Latest version on Android Phone

Here you will learn how you can update your WhatsApp to the latest version on your Android phone.

Why WhatsApp update is necessary?

WhatsApp is launching new features by day by day. If you want to get those new amazing features, you need to update your WhatsApp app on your Android mobile. If you can’t update your WhatsApp you miss the new features of WhatsApp.

Most of the android phone automatically updated WhatsApp in the background. There are some people whose disable the automatic updates. If you are include in those then you need to follow the below given east steps to know how you can update WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Update Latest Version of WhatsApp on Android

There are two possible ways which you can use to update your WhatsApp.

Open your Android phone and then open play store.

Click or hit on the menu option (Three horizontal lines).

Select My apps & games in the given options.

All the app appear here which need to updates, find WhatsApp and click on updates.

Now you have successfully updates WhatsApp on your Android phone and you get all the latest features of WhatsApp.

Alternative Method:

Just visit play store on your Android phone and search WhatsApp in the search bar of play store and then click on update.

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