How to start a blog on WordPress in 2019

How to start a blog on WordPress in 2019

So you have decided to learn how to start a blog.

That’s good and a life changing decision. You are not late to start a blog.

When you start a blog, at the beginning you face some difficulty but don’t worry and remember, consistency is the key to success in the field of blogging.

Our main mission of this guideline is to provide some easy and quality information about blogging and you motivated to start a blog after reading this informative article.

Note: To achieve success in blogging you really need to passionate with your blog niche.

Try to write a quality and unique content for your reader. Read other pro blogger article and pick up some idea and add some idea of your own then publish a post. Basically blogging is a platform where you share your knowledge with the whole world. So gain knowledge about your niche and deliver in your own word with the platform of your blog to the reader.

I cannot want to write a lengthy and boring article. I know your time is most important, without spending more time let’s start a step by step guide how to start your own blog in 2019.

Choose a niche

Before starting a blog you have clearly know about your blog niche or topic.

Select the niche in which you are interested.

For example; my blog is about tech and blogging. I choose this niche because I am interested in this niche. If you have interested in tech blogging then you may be selected this niche.

Some list of blogging niche.

  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • News
  • Review etc.

Once you have finalized you blog niche it’s time to select you blog name or domain name.

Purchase a domain name and hosting for your blog

A domain name basically an address of your blog to identify your blog online around the world.

Domain and hosting provider is a Pakistan base domain and hosting provider with very easy payment method. If you are from Pakistan then I recommend you to purchase domain and hosting with

Choose any of these domain and hosting provider and then search a domain name on the search bar of the domain provider. Once you have found the domain you need to complete the form and make your payment process.

Make sure your email, password and other require data are correct.

After completion of this process you have receive an email from domain and hosting provider. Go to your email and open the mail to find your cpanel password and more detail of login process.

Install WordPress.

Go to your Cpanel, there are dozens of different services and features appear on your screen. Scroll down and search WordPress and hit or click on the WordPress icon.

You will be redirect to the WordPress quick install. Click on install its take few minute to install.

Finally congratulation you have installs WordPress successfully.

Your site address looks like.      

Enter the address in your PC browser search box.

A new page is open look like this;

you need to enter your user name and password to access your dashboard. Enter the user name and password then click on login.

Note: If you confuse or don’t remember your user name or password, check your email the domain and hosting provider company sent you a detail on your email.

Customize your blog

Once you have log in you have appeared WordPress dashboard. In this area, you can manage your blog.

People use many way to customize their blog. Every one use his own creativity to customize their blog.

Choose a WordPress theme.

Go to appearance and click on theme.

The few themes already available on the WordPress site, if you want to use these theme then click on activate.

Search more theme in the search box.

Enter the name of the theme in the search box and find the theme and then click on install.

After installation, you need to click on activate to apply theme on your blog.

WordPress has a theme upload option available if you have a paid theme available on your pc. You need to click on add new and upload the zip folder of your theme from your PC and then activate.

Create your first post on WordPress

Now you have successfully created your own blog on WordPress. It’s time to publish your first post on your blog.

Click on post and then click on add new to edit your first blog post.

After that WordPress post editor screen is open on your PC screen, edit the title of the post in the first box and edit your post in the second box.

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Add image on your post

If you want to add a image on your post then you need to click on add media and select the file from your WordPress gallery or upload picture from your pc. You can adjust the size of your image.

You can add a category, tag, and feature image for your post which is very good for your blog SEO.

Once you have complete post editing then you need to click on publish which is on the right side of your  WordPress post editor.

Congratulation your first blog post publish and it can be read any person anywhere in the world.

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If you have any question related to this topic then comment on this post. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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