How to set up keyboard setting in Urdu Inpage

How to set up keyboard setting in Urdu Inpage

What is Phonetic Keyboard layout?

It is a layout of a keyboard setting in which the letters of a language coincide with the keyboard layout for another language, and supposes a one-to-one resemblance between alphabets in the language that is based on their sound. For example “A” is an English Alphabet and the resemble word in Urdu is “Alif”.

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Uses Of Phonetic Keyboard Layout Urdu Inpage

In Urdu Inpage there is only Phonetic Keyboard Layout due to which we are able to type Urdu similar words on your PC’s Keyboard.

Other Keyboard Layout in Urdu Inpage is Monotype, Aftab, Muqtadra, Farsi, and Phonetic. But the best Layout is Phonetic Keyboard Layout.

Tips: As a new user, I recommend you to print this layout then you can easily find your required alphabets. This method improve your Urdu typing skills fastly.

urdu inpage

As you can see in the Image of Phonetic Layout above approximately all the alphabets are exactly the same voice so that you can type Urdu easily with the help of this layout.

Why and how you can change the keyboard Layout?  When you install the Inpage for first time the layout may set “Monotype” automatically. If there “Phonetic” is set then no need to change anything, if not then follow the steps below.

1. After Installation. Open Urdu Inpage.

urdu inpage

2. Go to “Preferences” on Menu bar and Click on “Keyboard Preferences…”

urdu inpage

3. Select Phonetic and then click OK.

urdu inpage

4. You can also check the coincide buttons of Urdu Layout by Clicking on the button of “Phonetic Keyboard (View).

urdu inpage

Now go to New file and Enjoy your Urdu Inpage with Phonetic Layout…

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