How to Set images as a Pen Drive icon

How to Set images as a Pen Drive icon

Pen drive is a storage device which we used mostly to transfer document from one device to another device. You can install window with the help of your pen drive easily. It is a very little chip and everyone knows about it. It is mostly known as USB (Universal Serial Bus). A USB flash drive, also known as a jump drive , thumb drive, pen drive, , flash stick, , disk key, gig stick , disk on key flash-drive, memory stick. When you enter a USB or pen drive in your PC then you see an icon. If you want to change the icon and want to add your own photo as an icon then follow the simple steps.

This method makes your pen drive or USB unique. It is easy to modify the pen drive when you are connected two or more pen drive connected in one PC.

Change your Image format

Open an image in paint and crop the image and make a size as you want. Save the image on your PC and remember you need to change the format of the image. You can add image name.bmp to change the format of your image and then click on save.

change pen drive icon

Open a Text Document File

Open notepad on your PC and the write the code. In the first line you need to write [autorun] and in the second line icon= image name.bmp. Click on save as and save the file by the name of autorun.inf and file type all file.

Copy and Paste in Pen Drive

After that you need to copy these both file and paste in to your pen drive or USB. Make a refresh and remove your pen drive or USB and put it again. Now you have seen your own image as a icon of the pen drive.

If you want to remove the image as a icon then you need to delete these two file. The pen drive default icon display again. If you want both of these file cannot show in the pen drive then you can hide these file in the pen drive.

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