How to Send Large File Free Over the Internet Safely.

Send Large File Free Over the Internet Safely is a challenge for us. Are you want to send a large size file without any cost then you read this article. When we try to send a large data through gmail we got a notification that your file is up to 25 MB but today I will share you a unique and free method to send any large file easily so let’s start. Firefox sends a permit or allows you to send a large file up to 2.5 GB without any cost. If you have an account on Firefox then they allow you to send up to 2.5 GB otherwise you can get only 1 GB.  If you want to sent a file which size is up to 1 GB then I recommend you to create a account.

Follow the step by step instruction to send a large size of file send free.

Send large file free over the internet.

Step 1: Open Firefox send or click here to open Firefox send.

Step 2: Upload a file from your PC or Drag and drop option is also available to upload a file.

Step 3: Determine the period of file after that the file deleted. You can also select number of days.

Step 4: You can set a password to secure your file and then click on upload.

Step 5: After completing the upload copy the link and send to the concern person .

How to send large files free over the internet

So this is a free and safe way to send any large data easily. I recommend you to create a account and get advantage this free file sharing system.

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