How to Make Your Own Website Like Quora in 2021

How to Make Your Own Website Like Quora in 2021

Do you want to create your own Question and Answer Website look like Quora?

If your answer is yes then this article is for you.

Yahoo answer and Quora is one is the successful website in Question-and-Answer niche. If you want to create and success in this niche then you need to focus on a single niche rather than all type of questions.

Here are some topic ideas about question and answer niche.

  • Programming Q&A
  • Health and Fitness Q&A
  • Freelancing Q&A
  • Online Earning Q&A

Select any topic as you want or search for the low competition topic on internet.

How much does it cost?

Creating a website look like Quora Using WordPress is very easy and Low cost.

The cost is $180 in the starting and then annual cost is $80 per year depend on the hosting service.

Theme Which we used to create website Like Quora

I will recommend you the best WordPress theme called Discy for you to create Q&A website on WordPress. I will share you some image, so you can get idea about your website look before creating your site.

The site look is awesome and fulfill all requirement on any Q&A sites. You don’t need any coding skill to setup your website.

You can also hire us to customize your website as you want.

If you like the look of Website then you follow the below instruction.

How to create a website Like Quora

Creating a website look like Quora is very simple and easy. It seems like a very huge project to tackle but the whole process can be complete in six simple basic steps.

  1. Pick a good domain name
  2. Get fast hosting
  3. Install WordPress on your domain and hosting
  4. Install Discy Theme
  5. Customization of Discy theme
  6. Launch your Website

To complete the six basic steps, you just need to complete each step carefully. Once you follow the instruction carefully, your website is ready to launch.

Few knowledges you need to Know before Creating

What is domain?

Domain name is an address of your website. It is the identity of your Website.

Example: Google is a website and the is the domain name of google.

How to select perfect Domain Name for your website?

Domain name selection is very important according to SEO prospective.

Suppose you need to create a website on Mobile phone price, you need to choose a domain name in which the mobile or phone keyword is included.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a storage system in which all of your website data is store and connected with internet 24/7 without any barrier. I recommend you to try to purchase a hosting provider which uptime is 99.9 % minimum.

Fast comet is a best hosting for you to create a website look like Quora.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most famous CMS system in the world. WordPress is the No 1 CMS system in the World. According to statistics WordPress is now powering 39.5% of all websites in 2021.

Why we Used WordPress to Create a Website Like Quora?

WordPress is very easy to customize without any coding knowledge. There are tons of WordPress free and Paid plugins available which help you to add some extra functionality in your website.

The one thing it is totally free.

Start Creating a Website Look Like Quora.

Visit and select any package as you want. I recommend you to select fastcloud plus. Cloud hosting is best in speed as compared to shared hosting.

You can store multiple websites with fastcloud plus package. Select the domain name. if you already have a domain name then you need to click on, I already have a domain.

After that you need to complete your account information and payment data.

Once you done the purchase its time to install WordPress on your domain.

Go to and enter your email and password.

Go to your product and click on access cPanel. Enter your password and now you can easily access on cPanel.

Once you have access to the cPanel go to the Softaculous apps installer and click on WordPress.

Select the domain name and click on install WordPress.

Now you can install your WordPress successfully.

Open your WordPress website Dashboard. To access your website WordPress dashboard type

If you cannot understand then you watch the video.

To add Discy theme on your WordPress side click on appearance and then click on add new theme.

Once you purchase the theme from themeforest download the Zip file of Discy theme and upload it on your WordPress.

Finally, you need to customize your theme. If you don’t know how to customize WordPress theme, you can also hire us. We have a team of WordPress developer.

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