How to make a zip file on your PC

How to make a zip file on your PC

A zip file is a single file in which we include many file to save storage in your PC or laptop. The big advantage of zip file is, we can easily transporting or transferring a thousand of files making only one zip file.The zip file mean compress file because they compress the file and reduce the size of file my compressing the file. If you want to make a zip file then read this post and follow the following simple steps.

Create a zip file.

In your pc or laptop desktop create a new folder and add all related file in to this folder.

You need to right-click on the folder and then in the drop-down menu click on send to and then click on the compressed (zipped) folder to convert this folder in to zip or compressed folder.

Choose a name .zip folder as you want otherwise window gives automatic related to the folder.

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