How to Install VLC in Your Window Operating System

Are you want to install VLC in your window? VLC is the world’s most famous and popular multimedia platform where you play all types of multimedia files such as DVDs, Audio CDs, etc. It is a free and open-source platform so you can easily download it on the website named

Download and Install VLC in Window

Visit the website to download the VLC  media player for the Windows operating system.

Step 1: Once you complete the download run the .exe file on your computer.

Step 2: Select the language and then click on OK. (I recommend you to select the English language because everyone can understand very easily).

install vlc on window

Step 3: Click or hit on next to continue your installation.

Install VLC in Your Window

Step 4: Read carefully the term and condition and then click on Next as shown in the image.

Install VLC in Your Window

Step 5: With the help of this menu you can customise your installation. select or choose all option and then click on Next.

Install VLC in Your Window

Step 6: Select the Destination folder by click on browser and then click on install. When you click on install the installing process is start, its take only one minute.

Install VLC in Your Window

Step 7: After completing the process you just need to click on finish.

Install VLC in Your Window

Now you have successfully install VLC media player on your window operating System Successfully.

Install VLC by Command Prompt in Window

if you want to install VLC by using command prompt then follow this one line instruction. Example To understain Enter “filename”/L=”Codeoflanguage”/S.

Step 1: Open command prompt on your window operating system and then type.

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