How to get Adsense Approval for blogger or BlogSpot.

How to get Adsense Approval for blogger or BlogSpot.

There are a lot of people who search for Adsense approval method but there is no simple or shortcut way to get Adsense account. Everyone wants to earn money online but no one wants to work hard, without any hard work it is impossible to earn money online. If you need Adsense account and earn money online then you need to work hard and focus on one niche and generate more traffic on your blog.

Buy an attractive and top-level custom domain name for your blog.

There is a lot of websites which provides domain name and hosting services.


Add Necessary pages on Your Blog

You must need to add all necessary page to approve Google Adsense on your blogger blog such as.

  • Contact us
  • Privacy and Policy
  • Term and Condition
  • About us
  • Disclaimer

Write an attractive post.

You post including images and use an attractive word to attract the reader.

Add a Google AdSense friendly template.

Use Adsense friendly template in your blog. In your blog template, there is a proper place for showing advertisement. Download the Google Adsense friendly template click here

Post regularly.

Consistency is necessary in the field of blogging. You can qualify for Adsense when your post is more than 30 and your daily visitor is more than 100.

Use a quality image and use non-copyright images.

You use a quality image on your blog remember don,t use the copyright images. you can get the non-copyright image from

Comment on other blog post and get traffic.

Read the other famous blog article and comment on the article this is a fine way to generate traffic on your new blog.

Use quality content.

Do not use copyright content because Google Adsense cannot give approval on copyright content. If you want to check the plagiarism in your content then click here

Create a post of more than 800 words.

If you write a post more than 800 words it is very easy to get approved on the Adsense account. You can rank the short word article but Google search engine Rank quickly the long word article, so try to write a lengthy article.

There is a thousand of article available on the internet read more and more article because it helps you to learn Google Adsense approval method very quickly.

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