How to delete Comment on Facebook

How to delete Comment on Facebook

In this article, you will learn how to delete comments on Facebook. Deleting a Facebook comment is very easy and simple and you will do it in a second.

Sometimes you realize that your comment published on a friend post is not good morally and you feel regret and want to delete it. Facebook allows you to edit or delete a comment published by you on your profile or any friend post.

Delete a Comment on Facebook Using PC

Open your web browser and visit Facebook and then sign in with your Facebook id if you are not logged in.

Go to the comment which you want to delete and move the mouse cursor over the comment. When you move the cursor over the comment you will see a three-dots on the right side of the comment, click on it and you will see two options one is delete, and the other is Hide comment.

how to delete Facebook comment

Click on Delete to delete the comment publish by you or your friend.

Now you have successfully deleted the comment on your post or your friend post published by you.

Delete a Comment on Facebook Using mobile

The mobile method is different, read the article below to doing this on mobile.

Open your facebook app and go to the comment section of the post which you want to delete.

How to delete a comment on facebook

Tap or long-press the comment which you want to delete and then click on delete.

Now you have deleted successfully the comment.

If you want to hide any comment then click on hide.

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