How to create a quizzes with Google Forms Very Easily

All of us know about Google, but you know that there is a big list of Google product which helps you to complete your work easily and without any cost. One of the most famous and popular is Google form which helps you to create quizzes, Contact us form and more.

So in this article, we learn how to create quizzes with the help of Google forms.

Create a Quiz

Create quizzes in Google form is very easy and awesome.

Step 1: Open your browser and then open Google Forms.

Step 2: Click or hit on the Plus Icon or blank.

Step 3: Click on settings which is at the top right of your screen and then click on quizzes and turn on make this quiz and then click or hit on save.

If you want to add an image in your quizzes then there is an option available to add an image.

Step 4: Give a title to your quiz and then add a question in the first box and then give the answer choices option in the next box. You can add many options as you want but in quizzes, there are mostly uses four options.

Step 5: To add another question you can click on the add section and repeat the process again to add a question and their choices.

You can add an image in your answer choices.

If you want to make a duplicate quiz then click on the duplicate to create a duplicate quiz.

Step 6: After adding the quizzes now it’s time to send your quiz to others. Click on send there are many options available. If you want to send a quiz via email then enter the email of the person. Gave a subject name and write any message if you want to tell about your quiz and then click on send.

how to create a quiz in google forms

The next option is to send via a link. For this copy, your quizzes link and send the specified person via email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The third option is send via embed HTML, this method is used to make a frame for your quizzes. You can copy this code and use it on your website if you have a quizzes website.

There is an option available to select height and width of your quizzes frame.

create quizzes with Google Forms


Remember: It is the best way to collect email. If you want to collect email free of cost then I recommend you to use Google forms to collect email.

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