How to Create a Poll on Twitter Tweet

In this article, you will learn how to create a poll on twitter tweet.  Creating a poll on Twitter is a great method to get instant result. Twitter poll duration is a minimum of 5 minutes and the maximum is 7 days. You have added a maximum of 4 choices in your Twitter poll. Any user can vote only one time. You can see the remaining time of your poll and the total vote count under the poll choice. Your vote is not shown to the other participation and the poll creator because your vote is in private security.

Create a poll on Twitter in Computer

To create a twitter poll in computer follow the easy steps.

Step 1: Open your browser and then go to and sign in with your Twitter account.

Step 2: On your Twitter home section and then click or hit on tweet writing box and click on the poll icon as shown in the image.

Create a poll on Twitter in Computer

Step 3: Add your question in the first box and then move to the choices section.

Step 4: In the first box insert your choice no 1 and then in the second box insert choice no 2. The maximum character you used in each choice is 25 and the maximum choice box is 4.

Step 5: Setup your poll duration, the default duration is 1 day but you can change it as you want. You can set your minimum poll duration is 5 minute and maximum duration is 7 days.

Step 6: After setting of your Twitter poll duration now it’s time to post your poll. Click on Tweet to post the Twitter poll.

Create a poll on Twitter in Computer

Remember: You cannot add any pictures or photos in your twitter post.

Your post looks like this after a click or hit on Tweet to publish.

Create a poll on Twitter in Computer

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