How to Create a Poll on Facebook

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Creating a poll on Facebook is not only just a fun. But it’s also a way or path you can quickly find out information that might have been difficult to collect or gather in other ways.

You can create a poll easily if you have a business page or just want to interact with your friends and family on a Facebook personal page.

You can’t create a poll from your timeline or News Feed but If you’d like to share a poll with your personal audience to getting ideas or anything, you can add a poll to your Facebook story.

Create a Poll on Facebook Page Using Desktop

To create a poll on the Facebook page you’ll need to be an editor or admin of the Facebook page.

Go to Facebook and then open or visit the page in which you want to create a poll.

Once you open your Facebook page. Click on Write a post which is located at the top of the page. Once you click on write a post then you need to click on three horizontal dots so click on the three horizontal dots.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Select the poll option after clicking on the three horizontal dots.

Write your question in the Ask something option and then click on option 1 and option 2 and write your option which you want to give your audience.

Remember: you can type a maximum 25 characters on each option.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

Select your poll duration, the default option is one week. Another duration option available is 1 day, never, and custom. Select any one as you want to your poll.

Once you are done all the instruction correctly then click on share now.

Now you have successfully created a poll on your Facebook page.

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