How to Create a YouTube live stream via webcam

How to Create a YouTube live stream via webcam

YouTube live streaming service is a best way to host a program online. It is a best way to interact with your audience. If you are gamer you go live with your viewer. We can go live on YouTube with various ways but I was share with you a easy and quick way to live on YouTube.

If you are a laptop/computer user then webcam live stream is a best and easy way to go live on YouTube.

Mobile user can go live easily with the help of your mobile phone.

You just need a YouTube verified account and that have no restriction to live streaming.

Create a live stream via webcam

Go the YouTube and click the upload icon and click on Go live.

youtube live stream easily

Make sure You have enable live streaming.

Select the webcam which is at the top of the screen. Edit and title and description in the two boxes. You can schedule a live streaming for upcoming event.

youtube live stream easily

For more setting click on more option and then click on advance setting.

Click save when your webcam will take a picture of you that is use in your live streaming thumbnail. you can add your own thumbnail form your PC or laptop.

Click or hit on go live.

When you have complete your task make sure to click End Stream which is located at the bottom of your live page.

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