How to Create a Google or Gmail Account

How to Create a Google or Gmail Account
in this article you will learn how to create a google account or gmail account

Creating a Google or Gmail account is very easy and simple. There are many useful products of Google and without Google account, you cannot use any Google product. If you have a Google account you can access the Google product free of cost.

For example:

You can use Gmail to receive and send email.

You can create a YouTube channel by Google account.

In android phones, you can used Google account to download an app from the play store.

If you are a student you can access Google docs with the help of  Google account.

You can use your Google account to start blogging on bloggers or Google sites.

After reading those examples, I hope you understand the Google account value in your daily life.

Create a Google or Gmail Account

If you want to create a Google account then follow the following simple and easy steps.

Open your web browser and visit Create a Google account to create your Google account.

create a Google account

Enter your first name in the first box and then enter last name in the second box.

Type your username as you want in the username box.

Suppose your username is example then your Gmail address is [email protected].

Enter a password below the username and enter the same password again in the second box to confirm.

Remember: Use symbols, numbers and mix of letters and the length is more than 8 characters to secure your Google account.

If you want to secure more than enable two-factor authentication for Your Google account after creating this.

Click on Next.

Enter your mobile number to verify and secure your Google account.

Select your country code and then enter your mobile number and click on Next.

When you click on Next Google will send you a text message which is also called verification code and the length of the verification code is 6 digits.

Enter the code in the box and click on verify.

After that Enter the recovery email in the box which is optional and I recommend you to enter the recovery email which is very helpful to you in the future if you forget your Google account password.

Enter your date of birth by month/ Day/ Year in the box and then select your Gender in the Gender field.

Click on Next.

Read the privacy and Terms of Google and then Click on I agree to continue the process.

Remember: if you disagree with Google terms and privacy, you will not able to creating a Gmail account and the process will be stop.

Finally, your account is created successfully when you click or hit on I agree and your Google account is in your hand and you can manage your account and your personal information in your own way without violating Google rules.

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