How to Check Your Laptop Serial Number in a Second

You face a technical problem with your laptop and you need a serial number due to some reason to fix the problem. If you don’t know how to find or check your laptop or desktop serial number than this article guide you to find your laptop or computer serial number very easy in a few second.

What is Serial Number?

Serial number is a unique code which include numeric and alphanumeric. Every laptop or computer have a different serial number and no one same with others laptops or computers. This is the identity of your laptop which was provide by the laptop or computer manufacturer.

If you are laptop user than you can easy find serial number by turning the machine upside. There will be a label attached of your laptop bottom side of your laptop.

In some laptop it will be available or present below the removable battery. If your laptop have a removable battery then remove the battery and check your website serial number.

Follow the below instruction to find serial number of your Laptop or computer using command prompt.

Open Command Prompt on your computer or laptop.

Type wmic bios get serialnumber and then press Enter.

How to check laptop serial number

Now you can easily find your Laptop or Computer serial number in a few second.

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