How to change your browser’s default search engine

Can you know what is your default search engine? Chrome and Mozilla Firefox automatically use Google as a default search browser and the internet explorer automatically use Bing as a default browser. If you want to change or don’t like your current browser, you can change it less than a minute.

If you want to change your default browser’s then read the instruction and follow the simple and easy steps.

Change the default search engine in chrome.

  1. Open Chrome on your PC and click on the three dots on the top right side of chrome and then click on the setting.
change the default browser

Click or hit on the manage search engine.

If you don’t add another search engine on the box then you need to click on add and added the search engine as you want to add.

Click on the three dots and click on make default as shown in the image.

change the default browser

Now you have added successfully your favorite search engine as a default search engine.

Changing the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox on your PC or laptop and then,

Click on the right top corner of Mozilla Firefox and then click on option as shown in the image.

change the default browser

Click on the search and then change the default browser as shown in the image.

You can add more if you want to add, click on the add more search engine.

 Changing the default search engine in internet explorer

Open the internet explorer on your pc and then hit or click on the tool icon which is on the top right corner side of the internet explorer and then clicks on manage add-on.

Click on the search provider and then select the search engine.

If you want to add more search provider click on the find more search provider at the bottom of the page.

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