How to block someone on Instagram

How to block someone on Instagram

Instagram is the most famous platform for sharing photos and keeping up-to-date on the latest fashions and trends. You can see what your friend and family are posting on this popular site. Unfortunately, some bad people making disturbed you by sending a private message on your inbox and if you want to block those types of person then, I will show you step by step process how to block someone on Instagram so don’t waste your time. Just follow the following instruction I hope it will helpful to you.

How to block someone on the Instagram App

Instagram app is available for windows, android, and ios and it is very easy to use and manage your Instagram account. With the help of the Instagram app, you can easily block anyone in just a few steps.

The interface of the Instagram app is very user-friendly. So without wasting your time’s let’s start the few step process to block someone on Instagram.

Go to your Instagram app and then search the person profile which you want to block.

Hit the three vertical dots which is located on the right side top corner which is a highlight in the red box.

How to block someone on Instagram

After Clicking on three vertical dots a drop-down menu appears in front of you, you have an option to Block then you need to click on the block option. Click on Block again and then a new option is open on your screen.

Then You need to click on OK, to confirm that you are blocked this person.

how to block someone on instagram

Now the user is blocked successfully.

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