How to block and unblock anyone on Facebook Messenger

Are you want to block anyone who texts you and disturbs you on facebook messenger. It is so much easy you can do this in a minute. In this article, I will guide you on how to block someone on Facebook messenger in your pc and in your mobile app. We guide you step by step with pictures. If you want to do this follow the following simples setups.

Block Anyone From Messenger in PC

Open the conversation box of the person which you want to block and then click on setting as shown in the image.

Click on the block which is highlight by red color.

Click on Block Message as shown in the image.

Click or hit on OK.

Now you have successfully blocked the person on your messenger.

Unblock On Messenger Using PC

If you want to unblock anyone on Facebook messenger then follow the below instructions.

Click on the unblock option as shown in the image.

You have successfully unblock the user.

Block using your Facebook app

Open your Facebook messenger app on your mobile and then tap on the name of the profile which you want to block.

Click on the block option as shown in the image.

Turn on the Block messenger option as shown in the image.

Unblock From Messenger

To unblock you just need to turn off the button which is very easy and simple.

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