How to add Twitter buttons to Website

In this article, you will learn how to add a Twitter button to your website.

Adding a Twitter button to a website is very easy and simple. It is very helpful to increase your Twitter followers and also good for increasing your blog viewers. You can connect with your blog viewer on twitter and get alert for your user for the upcoming article by posting tweets. Twitter is the world’s most famous social media website. If you want to add a twitter follow button on your blog just follow the simple steps.

Add Twitter Button to Website

Open your web browser and then visit

Enter the URL of your twitter profile and click on the arrow as shown in the image.

add twitter button to website

Select display option as you want, I recommend you to select the twitter button option. Another option is Embedded Timeline.

add twitter button to website

Select the button as you want but I recommend you to select the “follow” button.

add twitter button to website

Copy the code as shown in the image and insert this code into your website custom HTML.

add twitter button to website

Here is the example of a custom HTML code added to the website.

If you have a WordPress blog you can use Custom HTML widget to add this code to your website.

add twitter button to website

Now you have successfully added your twitter button on your website.

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