How to Add plugin to your WordPress Site Easily

Can you know what is a plugin? A plugin is a software that has added functionality and that can be add on your WordPress website or blog. The plugin adds new features to your blog or website. WordPress plugins are written in PHP language. You can easily manage your blog or website by the use of plugins. If you want to add the plugins on your WordPress blog or website then follow the simple steps.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin and then click or hit on add new as shown in the image.

You can browse the plugin name in the search box and then click on install as shown in the image.

If you want to upload your plugin file from your PC then click on upload plugin.

After installing wordpress plugin you just need to click on activate.

Now you have successfully added a plugin on your WordPress blog or website. You can configure the setting of your plugin and enjoy your blogging with the help of Word Press plugins.

If you want to remove your WordPress plugin you need to click on deactivate and then the plugin deactivates successfully.

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