How to Add a subtitles on YouTube video

How to Add a subtitles on YouTube video

YouTube provides an option to add a subtitles on your video using YouTube creator studio. There are more than 190+ languages are available, you can add any language on the subtitle on your video. The subtitle makes your video attractive and easy to understand by your viewer, for example, you have an Urdu or Hindi clip and you add a subtitle in English this means everyone understands your video content by reading the subtitle of your video.

Tips “try to use subtitle in english language because it is an international language and every one know about english and your content reach them through your video subtitle”.

Add a Subtitles On YouTube Videos

If you want to add an attractive title on your Youtube video, then follow the simple setup. I hope it will helpful to you to add a subtitle on your YouTube video.

  1. First of all, go to YouTube and sign in your account, if you are not already sign in.
  2. Go to your YouTube Account Profile and click on your profile and then Click on the creator studio.
  3. After clicking on creator studio go to your dashboard and right-click on the video as shown in the image and then click on titles/cc as shown in the image.
  1. Set your video language, there are more than 190+ languages are available you can select the language as you want.
  1. After selecting the language, click on create new subtitle or cc.
  1. You have shown a text box, enter the text in the box and manage the subtitle timing on your video. The option is available on the right side of the screen as shown in the image.
  1. After adding your subtitle click on publish.

Now you have successfully added the title on your YouTube video.

How to Remove Subtitle

If you want to remove the subtitle on your video then click on unpublish as shown in the image…

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