How Do I Say that Words In Multiple Languages With Translator

In many forums, you will see the majority of the people asking a question like “how to say anything in multiple languages”. If you want to know how to write a word in multiple languages then I suggest you visit nice translator site which is a multiple languages translator.

Select the different language and it will translate the word which you type in the search box.

You can select many languages as you want.  Suppose you enter first text in English and the second text is in Urdu or any other language the tool detect it very easily.  

Another example; if you have searched “how to create a Facebook account” You type this word in English and You select four languages. You will see the nice translator detect and convert the word into the four languages which are selected by you.

multiple languages translator

Another website I recommend you is Translatr.

A great translation website, which helps you to translate a single or a short paragraph into multiple languages.

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