What is the Full Form of YAHOO

What is the Full Form of YAHOO

Yahoo is an American based multinational technology company and the full form is Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle and another full form of Yahoo is Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.

What is the full form of yahoo

Yahoo provides a wide range of services like yahoo search engine, yahoo news, yahoo question and answer, and yahoo mail, etc.

The founder of yahoo was Jerry Yang and David Filoand and it was founded in january 1992. Yahoo headquarters was located in Sunnyvale California.

Jerry yang and David Filoand was a student of electrical engineering at Stanford university. Both founders first create a website and name in “Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web” but later they changed the name and give it yahoo.com in 1995.

They said that they like the general definition of the word yahoo which means are unsophisticated, uncouth, and rude.

Yahoo was one of the pioneers of the early internet world era in the 1990s.

Yahoo domain is one of the most famous and popular domain with a very high domain authority.

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