What is the Full Form of USB

What is the Full Form of USB

The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus and it is the mostly used electronics product to transfer data in a very easy and simple way.

Mostly all of us used the short form which is USB and the full form is Universal Serial Bus.

What is the Full Form of USB

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard used to define the communication protocols, connectors, and cables and used in a bus for power supply, communication, and connection between computers, laptops and electronic devices.

USB was designed to support electricity supply and data transfer between peripheral devices such as keyboard, printer, mouse,disk drive, portable media players, etc

USB was developed in 1994 by a seven famous group of companies named Nortel, IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, NEC, DEC, and Intel.

A USB device can be used across multiple platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. It is very simple to connect USB device with  computers and laptops. Just insert the USB device in the USB port of a laptop or computer and it will automatically detect the device and start working.

When inserted, it does not ask you for rebooting your computer. Universal Serial Bus Drive (USB) is the most commonly used USB device across the world. There are three basic sizes of USB connectors; Micro size, Standard size, and Mini size.

You can put the USB device in your pocket to carry data from one place to another place.

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