What is the Full Form of SMS

What is the Full Form of SMS

SMS is short form or acronym and the full form is short message service. It is a protocol of communication, that allows to exchange text messages between the mobile devices.

what is the full form of sms

All of us interact the word SMS daily but most of us don’t know the full form or abbreviation of SMS.

All of the telecommunication companies like Telenor, Jazz, Ufone, etc provide us the SMS facilities in a very low and cheap price. It is the world’s most used communication method. Many online messaging apps are available online, and you can send free SMS by these platform and the famous one is Whatsapp.

Worldwide mobile messaging users is 2.52 billion in 2019 and the growth rate is very high. In 2022 the figure may be cross up to 3 billions. 

The character limit of sending SMS is 160 in the standard format, but in some modern messaging app you can send up to the standard figure.

An SMS message is stored temporarily in the SMS centre if the recipient mobile phone is not available. It is possible on most mobile handset to specify an expiry period after which the SMS message will be deleted or removed from the SMS centre.

Once deleted, the SMS message will no longer be available for dispatch or carry out to the recipient mobile phone.

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