DBMS stands For or What is the Full form of DBMS?

DBMS stands For or What is the Full form of DBMS?

The full form of DBMS is Database Management system. It is a Software which we used to manage databases. The full form of DBMS is Database Management System.

For example, Oracle, MySQL etc, are most popular Commercial DBMSs Which used in different applications. It is very easy, reliable and efficient way of data processing and management.

History of DBMS

In early 1960s the first DBMS was designed by Bachman.

In 1970 Codd at IBM projected a brand-new data representation framework called the relational data model.

The SQL query for relational databases, developed as a part of IBM’s System R project, was standardized in the late 1980s.

The current standard, SQL-92, was adopted by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Standards Organization (ISO).

    In late 1980s and 1990s, several vendors (e.g., IBM’s DB2, Oracle 8) had extended their systems with      the ability to store new data types such as images and text.

Specialized systems developed for data or information warehouses, consolidating data from many or several databases.

Entering the Internet Age, a new markup language XML was proposed for data access through a Web browser.

As more and more data are collected, companies are also interested to mine useful information from their data giving exquisite insight to the field of data mining.

Uses of DBMs

  • Data independence and efficient access.
  •  Reduced application development time.
  •  Data integrity and security.
  •  Uniform data administration.
  •  Concurrent access, recovery from crashes

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