What is the full form of AI ?

AI Stands for Artificial Intelligence

full form of ai

The full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence.

AI which full form is Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer task program or a machine to learn. It is also a discipline of study which enhances to make computers “smart”. They work on their own without being encoded with commands. John McCarthy coined the the name “artificial intelligence” in 1955.

(AI)Artificial intelligence is capable of doing complex tasks intimately familiar with human moods. AI replaces the human workforce for grater result in computer based work task.

Our almost all home and vehicle devices is getting equipped with emotion chips designed by the AI. This will sense our feelings and preferences via our voices, tones, and gestures.

Robots will be everywhere addressing our empathetic needs even. That would be an Artificial Emotionally Intelligent (AEI) world.

Significance of Artificial Intelligence

The most significant industry of of the Artificial Intelligence by using industrial robots is an automotive industry with 35% market share. The second is the electronics industry with 31%.

Further, the metal and machinery industry with 8%. Rubber and plastics industry with 5%. Food industry with 3%. As regards, the increasing wage inequality in the years to come, that cannot be attributed solely to automation.

Before the birth of Microsoft and its ecosystem in the 1980s, nobody could even imagine the creation of more than 15 million jobs in the IT sector. For instance, Facebook created more than 5 million, Amazon more than half a million, and likewise Apple and Google.

The manufacture of hardware and jobs are associate with it are also there. Computerization of service sectors which start in the 1980’s is yet to be introduced and completed in many developing countries accordingly the demand for computers.

Futuristic scope

In future Artificial intelligence and robot automation are going to improve both the productivity and quality, increased competitiveness, and also remuneration of the workforce.

The future scenario of the AI is very significant and progressive. The human workforce is regarded as error based calculation which will be decreased in any discipline after the enforcement of the AI in very subjects of life.

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