Fsc Stands For or Full Form of Fsc

Fsc Stands For or Full Form of Fsc

Fsc Form of Fsc or Fsc Stands For

The full form of Fsc is Faculty of science or Fsc stands for in education faculty of science. In Asia, especially in Pakistan and India Fsc is an intermediate level education.

It is the second level of education when student complete his or her secondary education in school they enter into the intermediate level.

There are two major branch of Fsc in Pakistan one Fsc pre engineering and the other is Fsc pre medical.

In both branch subject is almost same like English, Physic, Chemistry, etc. There is a difference in only one subject that is pre medical student study the subject which name is biology and the pre engineering students study mathematics.

I hope you understand the basic full form of Fsc.  

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