Find Image From a Specific Country with Google

Find Image From a Specific Country with Google

All of use Google every day and search a lot of things, but you know that you can search image on Google country wise. There is multiple search option on Google image search, but it this article we discuss how to search the image by region wise or country wise.

Google provides a lot of facilities, and the one is a photo search parameter, with the help of this facility you save your name and get the search result quickly.

Search Photo by Country-wise on Google

Open your browser and then open Google image on your Computer and click on setting and then click on the advance search option.

On the advance search option change the region as you want, the default option is any region, you select the region as you want then click on advance search.

Suppose, you search actress photos on Google image, and we select the region Pakistan, now you can see in the result Google show the lollywood actress photos. If you select the region India and search movie poster image then you will see a Bollywood actress photo in the result.

Search Image by Country wise on Google

Search by region is a great parameter, with the help of this parameter we can search quickly by country wise.

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