Create a Free Business Email in 2 Minutes

Create a free business email is very simple and easy. Mostly all of us use Gmail or yahoo mail but in the business email, you use the company name. For example, I have a blog and its name is thegbtech and I create a business email including my name and company name looks like this [email protected].

If you want to create a business email for your business or blog then read this post and follow the simple and easy setups.

To create a professional email you need a domain name. if you have a blog and now this time 99 % have a blog or website, use your blog or website domain name to create a free business email.

If you want to purchase a domain name then click here to purchase a domain name.

Create a Free Business Email

You need to sign in your hosting account dashboard and click on email as shown in the image.


Click on +Create icon.


Enter an email address in the box as you want to create include your business name and then make sure to create a strong password and then click on create.


Now you have successfully created a business email.

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