How to Clear Search History on Instagram

How to Clear Search History on Instagram

In this article, you will learn how to find and clear your Instagram search history.

All of us knows that Instagram saves our all search in search and explorer to make it easy for us. You can easily find your most favorite account and hashtag again quickly in the search history.

If you want to remove all of the search history, then follow the below instruction. 

Clear Search History of Instagram on your Computer or Mobile Browser

Open your favorite browser which you use regularly and then go to

Sign in to your Instagram account by entering your username and password.

Click on the profile icon which is located on the right side top of your screen and then click on the Settings option.

Once you click on the setting a pop-up window will appear on your screen, now click on the Privacy and Security option.

Click on view Account Data which is located below on Account Data.

In the Account activity section, click on view all options under the search history.

Now all your searches will appear on your screen. To clear the entire search history click on clear search history.

For confirmation a popup is open on your screen, click on Yes, I’m sure option.

Now you have successfully clear your entire search history on Instagram using the browser on your PC or mobile.

Clear Instagram Search History On Mobile App

This method is very simple and easy to clear your Instagram account search history by using the Instagram app.

Open the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

If you are not signed in then first sign in to your Instagram account.

Clear instagram account search history

Click on the profile icon, which is located on the right side bottom of your screen and then select or click on the three horizontal lines and then click on the settings options.

Click or select the security option as shown in the image.

Select the Search History which is available at the bottom of your screen.

When you click on search history all your search appears on your screen and then clear your entire search history by click on clear all.

A pop-up message is open on your screen for confirmation, now click on Clear all again.

Now you have successfully deleted the entire search history of your Instagram successfully.

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