Check and Update your Android device version

Are you want to know your android mobile version or which version of the Android phone is used by you. This is necessary for you to know about your android version. If your friend asks you about your android mobile version and you don’t know about your android phone version then you feel embracement. To avoid embracement read this article and follow the simple setup you will easily learn your android mobile version and how to update it easily.

  1. Open your device’s setting.
  2. At the bottom, click on system.
  3. Click on about phone, in the new tap there is an android version as shown in the image

Update your android version

If you want to update your android version then follow these simple setups.

  1. Open your device’s setting.
  2. Click or hit on the system and then in the new tap click on system update.
  3. Now checking the version of your phone and then update it, if your phone is not up to date.
update your andriod version

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