Best MailChimp Alternative for Everyone

Best MailChimp Alternative for Everyone

Are you searching for the best MailChimp Alternative? Mailchimp is the most popular and famous email marketing service.

Mailchimp have a lot of feature and they upgrade the services day by day. It is the not single email marketing tool, there are lot of Mailchimp alternative email marketing services available.

If you want to switch from Mailchimp to any other email marketing service due to any reason then this article is for you.

Mailchimp has a big number of users, and the support system is not fast due to high number of users, many users try to switch and searching for best MailChimp alternative sites.

We mentioned the best Mailchimp alternative for you which fulfill your email marketing require or needs.

1. Sendinblue

Best MailChimp Alternative for Everyone

Sendinblue is a famous alternative for MailChimp. It is also famous for SMS marketing service for your businesses.

Sendinblue is 3x cheaper than MailChimp.  The features available in Sendinblue are Email Marketing, Transactional emails, SMS Marketing. Marketing Automation, Unlimited contacts, Free supports 24/7, Support available by phone, and much more.

You will also get advance statistics with Sendinblue. Sendinblue provide very easy to used template builder for you, which help you to boost you email marketing campaigns.

Sendinblue provide four pricing offers, free, lite, premium, and enterprise.

With Sendinblue free plan you can send up to 300 email per day and you add unlimited contacts also.

Click Here to check Sendinblue Pricing

2. ConvertKit

Best MailChimp Alternative in the market is ConvertKit

The second-best alternative for MailChimp is ConvertKit. It is a most famous marketing software for creator, author, email marketer, and blogger.

You can design your email by using the ConvertKit email designer features. You can create a awesome and beautiful email using this features.

ConvertKit integration features is awesome, you can integrate with crowdcast, teachable, shopify, and more.

Other features of ConvertKit are unlimited landing page, Email supports, sell digital product and subscription, etc.

ConvertKit provide 3 pricing offers, free, creator, and creator plus.

3. Constant Contact

Best MailChimp Alternative for Everyone is constant contact

Constant contact is my most favorite alternative of MailChimp.  With the help of constant contact, you can easily create a professional email newsletter by using the drag and drop editor.

With the help of Constant contact, you make your email marketing more and more easy. If you want to check it or try it you will get one-month trial for free.

The automation system is also awesome which help you to drive more and more sales by engaging with your audience.

You can create social ads also with Constant contact which is very good by staying on one platform.

If you have already email contact list in excel sheet you can upload contact on Constant contact and then start sending email.

Constant contact plan is $20 per month and $45 per month select any one as you need or require.

4. Mailjet

Best MailChimp Alternative for Everyone is mailjet

The another best and famous MailChimp alternative is Mailjet. Mailjet provide a lot of features for email marketer in a very cheap price. If you compare the price of Mailjet to MailChimp, Mailjet is more and more cheap as compare to Mailchimp.

Mailjet provide the following awesome features are, email builder, email API, contact management, SMTP Relay, Analytics, Documentation, etc.

If we discuss about Mailjet pricing, there are 4 pricing offers provided my Mailjet.

Free, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

 The free plan has no expiring trial, and you can send 6000 email per month with Mailjet free plan without spending any money.

I recommend you to purchase a paid plan according to your needs because paid plan help you to get more and more leads.

5. Omnisend

Best MailChimp Alternative is omnisend

The amazing alternative of MailChimp with very clean layout. This email marketing tool is best for ecommerce marketing. There is a pack of all-in-one tools with amazing feature and functionality.

You can get email template, drag and drop content editor, popups, dashboard, analytics, and many more features.

You can also send free SMS and MMS with Omnisend pro and enterprise price. If you are using standard plan then you need to pay $0.015 for per SMS and $0.045 for per MMS.

Remember: MMS offer is available for US and Canada recipients only.

So, I recommend you to purchase pro or enterprise email plans.

The price starts only $16 per month, which is an affordable price for email marketer.

6. Sender

Best MailChimp Alternative is sender

Sender is a more awesome and powerful email marketing tool with a very easy to use interface and more outstanding features.

It is one of the best and most affordable alternatives to MailChimp.

Sender provides a lot of features which include email builder, email template, A/B testing, Analytics, Marketing Automation workflows, CMS and much more.

With sender free plan you can collect 2500 subscribers and you can send up to 15000 emails per month without required any credit card. You can also access to all other sender features with free plan.

The sender paid plans are also good and affordable, select any of paid plan as you need.

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