How to restart your computer using command prompt

Usually, all of us restart our computer by click on the start menu and then click on restart. In this article, you will learn the alternative method to restart your computer which is the command prompt method. With the help of command prompt, you can restart your computer very easily so without wasting your type lets start the process.

First of all open command prompt in your computer, to opening command prompt type Cmd in the search bar and then press enter.

Type shutdown in command prompt and press enter.

List of various choices open on command prompt which you want to use.

Shutdown/s shutdown for your computer.

Shutdown/r shutdown and restart your computer

Shutdown/I to log off your computer               

Shutdown/i to display the graphic user interface

Shutdown/c “comment” to write the comment of the reason of restart and shutdown.

Shutdown/o visit or go to the advanced options menu and then restart the computer or PC.

Type anyone in the upper write command and then press enter.

To restart your computer type Shutdown/r.

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